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Zara - A double edged LOVE

Wednesday, February 13, 2013 Papillon 0 Comments Category : , ,

I can honestly say 60% of my closet is Zara. I love Zara!

Fashion used to be unattainable and with brands like Zara we are now able to get fashion forward clothes at reasonable prices. We see the trends on the runways of the fashion capitals of this world and, a few months later, Zara delivers outfits inspired by these same trends. But, when inspiration turns into a blunt copy, should we still buy it? 

If there's something I truly believe in is respect for other peoples' ideas and designs. I will not buy a skirt or a dress or a blouse that is an exact copy of another designer. I cannot accept it in good conscience! And neither should you. Fashion democratization does not mean "copy what you see, make it fast and sell it"! It means liberating fashion to all and design clothes inspired by the big trends, making them accessible at reasonable prices. If not, the system is corrupted. Of course I understand there's a very thin line between copy and inspiration, but there's still a line and you should respect it!

It is also true we are a generation who doesn't really invent anything when it comes to fashion. We can innovate with new materials, like high tech fabrics, and we can push the trends envelope with styling, but I'm afraid we won't see a completely new cut (something like Dior's New Look) on the runway soon. Plus, the rhythm is just too fast which would make it nearly impossible. 

High street stores have been a glorify answer to my fashion thirst. Zara being the mother ship. Lately we have seen a shift in Zara's strategy, a very cleaver one I should add. First, they've raised the bar on prices and quality, creating some distance from brands like H&M and getting into direct competition with brands like Bimba & Lola. The quality of the clothes, thank God, followed the path of its prices. Second, now Zara has several deliveries during the season, which will not be replaced later on, which makes it easier to get to a restaurant and not find 10 girls with the same dress as you! So, kudos for Zara. I'm loyal and I will continue as such. But... not if they continue to present blunt copies. Oh no... then they will loose me as a client.

I do believe in buying a sweater that screams Balenciaga, but I will not buy a cheap copy of it. Because that's what happens when you copy... You loose the originality, you loose the "fashion forward" and you start to sell cheap copies because you will never be able to compete.

So my love for Zara right now is double edged. I do love the brand, I love the collections, I love the new strategy. But I hate the copies, I hate taking the shortcut and I hate, hate, going through the store and recognize every single piece as something I've seen on some runway.

So my dearest Zara, stop copying, get inspired, design beautiful clothes and outfits we all want to wear and keep up the good work!

Some of my favorite looks so far...By the way, please change your online look book...
Is it just me or it is just B-O-R-I-N-G?!?!