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The art of being an Asshole

Friday, February 01, 2013 Papillon 0 Comments Category :

If you would've asked me a week ago if being an asshole was an easy task, I would say yes, sure! Now, I say it requires a certain finesse. Of course I'm not taking about the rude assholes, the ones who just say nasty words during rush hour, for example. I'm talking about a special type of asshole, the very polite one!

A few days ago I met one of these assholes and let me tell you... it is an art! He was polite, although he didn't smile, he didn't curse or said a nasty word to me, but he wasn't nice either... He was a complete asshole to me in the most polite way possible.

It is an art, people! To keep your face straight and not loose your composure while you are being a total asshole, even when the person in front of you is already fuming from her ears, is not for everyone. 

So, dear asshole at the Tivoli, I do hope this shoe fits you. I kindly thank you for showing me that being an asshole is so much more than I had thought!

Yours truly,

The girl who just wanted to park her car and get on with her life!!