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Resolutions a.k.a What Really Matters

Monday, February 18, 2013 Papillon 0 Comments Category : ,

I came across this image and started thinking about resolutions.

These 12 steps (very much like any alcoholics anonymous program) summarize beautifully what really matters in life. Doesn't it?

1) I'm really trying and so should you. I'm getting more and more inclined towards a vegetarian diet and after buying the most AMAZING recipes book I'm finding it easier to forget about meat and fish. Although I really think I may be a weekly vegetarian... there are certain things I'm not sure I want to live without (grilled fish anyone, a great stake from time to time...). But the important thing is to worry about your diet and finding what works better for you and your health.

2) I wish! I think this will always be a difficult thing for me to achieve... But I'm considering taking a few naps on weekends, maybe it will help..?!

3) Yes! That's all...

4) To listen is one of the most important things in life. You learn a lot just from listening to others and you should take the time to do it. We are too self absorbed and we are always "posting" our status, online and in real live, and we forget to listen to others instead of talking all the time. We all have interesting things to say, so shut the fu&% up sometimes and listen carefully!

5) Well, as I've already told you here, this is not an easy task in my line of work. Unfortunately, sometimes I have to take shit and just get on with it. But, in my personal life I'm going to enforce this for sure!!

6) Yes, we have to remind ourselves that no matter what happens, no matter how dark things get, everything WILL get better. Optimism is a way of life and you can practice it!

7) This is true and we should value ourselves this much and accept that sometimes we really need to let others decide how much they want to be a part of our lives...

8) This is a quote form the TV Show Lost. Don't really know what this meant for the story of the show and to be honest I'm still wondering about its meaning in life... Hum... if I get anywhere I'll let you know!

9) If it is coffee or a glass of wine, I agree. Tea... well it doesn't really solve my problems, but I can understand what it means and I guess it's really a matter of comfort!

10) Most importantly, find what are your guns and then really stick to them, and sell them, and arm yourself to conquer the world with what you're great at.

11) Ahah! I do this often!! Normally while cooking or cleaning. Singing and dancing, making a fool of yourself while no one is watching (or when everyone is) is healthy!

12) I lost my grandfather last year and sadly I have to say I spent more time with him last year than the couple of years before that. I hate to admit it, but it's the sad true. We tend to only value someone after we loose them and honestly I think this has to stop. Now! So let's look around us, find the people that really matter and make an effort: 1 hour each week with each of them? What do you think? Can we manage this much?