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Style Crush - Daphne Guinness

Thursday, February 14, 2013 Papillon 0 Comments Category : , ,

Muse. Actress. Model. Heir. Designer. Artist. Which one of these words better describes Daphne Guinness? None and all at the same time.

Unfortunately, I am not able to talk from personal experience. But, in my imagination, Daphne would be better described as a force of nature, as someone with the power to inspire and create and one who always keeps true to her vision of life and sense of self. 

When it comes to fashion, no one does it like her. She can look classy and elegant but also outrageous, pushing the boundaries of fashion and style by bringing couture to the streets and rocking it. She personifies a designer's identity without loosing hers and she inspires their visions and designs. McQueen is one example. Their partnership and friendship was a sight for sour fashion eyes like mine. She embodied his vision like no other and she is, and continues to be, highly responsible for the endurance of his artistic vision through time.

Leave it to Daphne to take dark, Gothic glamour one step further. And leave those McQueen shoes to her as well, as I'm not sure anyone else can wear them as elegantly as she does.

Icon... Yes! This is a word which embodies Daphne's essence to me. 

Some of my favorite fashion moments created by the fashion icon Daphne Guiness...

Here at the Costume Institute Gala Benefit in Alexander Mcqueen.
In pure Daphne style, she got ready in Barneys window.
See the video here.


funny Daphne...