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Where do you look when you're in love?...

Wednesday, February 20, 2013 Papillon 0 Comments Category : ,

Yesterday evening, I entertained myself with mindless zapping and ended up at E! where the reality show "Ice and Coco" was ending. I indulged my curiosity and watched as Coco negotiated a show in Vegas, wondering who would want to see Coco perform and mostly what was her talent ! (it's a peep show by the way...). After the negotiation, Ice and Coco met with her mother to tell her the news. The show would take Coco to Vegas for at least three months. Her mother looked Ice in the eyes and asked what did he think about all this. And Ice, with a surprising clarity, replied: "Loving someone is not looking into each others eyes, but in the same direction.". Wow! It stuck with me, maybe because it was said by someone I didn't expect and it got me thinking.

He's right! Love will only stand the test of time if the two people look in the same direction and try to reach the same goals. I mean, if two people love each other but want different things out of life, will their love survive?... Not really wanting to think about this deeply, I find myself agreeing with Ice (who knew!).

Love is mostly about a common life plan, a road that both parties should walk together, hand in hand, with the same end zone in mind. Right?