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Managing Expectations...

Thursday, April 11, 2013 Papillon 0 Comments Category : ,

Expectations are a dangerous thing... Mainly because we normally set them up so high that we can never reach them. If having expectations can be an impulse to make you go out there and make things happen, they can also be deadly traps which will make you feel small and unworthy.

There's a saying I particularly love which speaks to this subject: prepare for the worst, expect the best. Most of the times, it's a good thing you were prepared, because life tends to follow its own path and our expectations normally crash and burn. It is also true what they say, if you don't expect anything, everything that comes your way will be a good thing. But, if you don't expect anything, how can you move forward? Because expectations are normally, at least in my case, built on dreams which make you want more and work hard to achieve them...

A double edged sword, like most things in life, expectations should be managed carefully. As I get older, I am more and more protective of myself. I don't dare to expect as much as I did before, because let's face it: people disappoint you, life doesn't follow a script and even you won't sometimes perform as expected, by yourself or others. 

Accepting life as it is, seems to be an answer for this, albeit not the one I was hoping to find. I like to dream, I'm a dreamer at heart. But my expectations are also killing me softly, making me question just how much should I let myself, dare myself, to dream... If I set my expectations low, will I be happier? 

Moreover, expectations bring pressure to the table. You want to meet expectations and you want your expectations to be met, which usually just means we will live in continuous pressure. 

But there also the occasional times when your expectations are met and even surpassed, like my red hair... I mean, can you say perfection? Because my hair can ;) eheheh 
Those glorious moments in your life are precious and all the more special, because we do tend to expect too much.

All and all, I continue my quest for answers to my life issues, just these little things that keep my brain on its toes, always on work mode, trying to find the answers.

Although I haven't found many, I guess the journey is the best part... The path you choose to take in your quest is as fundamental as the quest itself and, often, part of it.

As far as expectations goes, I'm learning how to manage them in order to be safe, while leaving, at the same time, space in my life for wonder :)

Have a wonderful day, that's my expectation for now :)