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The "good girl" syndrome

Tuesday, April 23, 2013 Papillon 1 Comments Category : ,

The "good girl" syndrome is a condition many girls and women suffer from, present company included!!

While listening to the song I posted yesterday here, I started to realize just how much we feel trapped by this double standard that society has put upon us!... A simple and quick example: a woman who has three different sexual partners in one week is a slut. Period. A man who has 3 different sexual partners in one week is considered a stud. Plain and simple! Maybe some women will call him womanizer, but I'm not sure that will make him less appealing (the whole bad boy thing comes to play in these situations). Of course this is not limited to the sexual field, this example can easily be transported into the professional area.

So even though many of us may want to get nasty, as the boys sing, we feel we must be the "good girl". What's funnier is that I don't think this is about what other people would think of us, but more about the image we want to project to the world and our peers... It's more about what we think of ourselves, really...

Although many of us would like to think we are independent women who can do whatever we want, whenever we want and whomever we want (present company included!!) I believe that at the end of the day we refrain from doing certain things or acting in a sort of way, because we really want to be the good girl...

Maybe this has something to do with fairy tales and the fact that most princesses are good girls... We grow up listening to these tales of perfect women who suffer and carry the weight of the world, but, because they're good girls, they will be happily ever after. And what about the bad girls?! Well,  pop wisdom tells us they go everywhere, for sure!, but will they be happy?

This is food for thought and I feel this subject will be running around in my mind for a long time... 

But you know I like to share my thoughts and make you think with me :) 

So tell me, do you suffer from the "good girl" syndrome?




  1. I think we are programmed to think that "we get what we deserve" so behave, be kind, pray, think, listen, be nice to people, don't envy, etc... because when something goes wrong we think that we are paying our dues... and sometimes we think that things will get better if you wait, if you're paying in advance to the universe to give you the change... in the end of the day, honey... karma is only a bitch if you are...