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Friday, April 19, 2013 Papillon 0 Comments Category : , , ,

As I told you on Monday, I wan in Italy for the Calzedonia fashion show.

Well, I wasn't in Italy per se, I was on Rimini's Convention Center to be more precise as I had no time to see the city!!! But I can tell you the Center is amazing ;)

But there was time to see all the stars that Calzedonia invited for the show, especially the one and only SARAH JESSICA PARKER!!!!!!! 

I'm still trying to recover from the fact we were breathing the same air ahahahah! She's so beautiful, smiley and nice, really, really nice. And honestly, I had to control myself not to scream like a little girl, I was really starstruck...

Well, me and the other 3.500 guests who greeted her with screams as she entered the show venue. I wonder what one must feel to see and hear 3.000 people scream for you... chills!!!!!

Besides SJP there was also Poppy Delevigne, also favorite of mine, as other stars that blew me away. Oh well, one of the perks of working in PR I guess :)  

I'm really going to spare you all the bad  stories of this trip and leave you only with the good :) 

The show? 
The show was amazing, it really took my breath away! I mean, Ke$ha performed, as well as the Misshapes and the italian band (a great surprise) Planet Funk. Beautiful models, dancers, a wonderful choreography and the sets... well let's just say the videos and effects were just too grand to describe!

I leave you with the only pictures I was able to take...

the one and only and almost unrecognizable ahahah


my one and only moment of peace... which lasted 30 seconds in total!

the end of the show... see you next year!

my shoes which are totally made for walking the red carpet...!

goodbye Italy