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Is it Spring already?!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013 Papillon 1 Comments Category : , ,

Fashion Weeks are starting, designers and brands are presenting next Fall, Fall 2013, and we are still in Fall-Winter 2012-13, but already talking about Spring-Summer 2013... WOW! My head is spinning!
Fashion is moving so fast, I swear sometimes I just don't know which season I'm in! Today I was looking at trends and looks for next Fall and seriously, all I want to do is snatch some looks of the runway and wear them now! I really don't feel like shopping for Spring when there's still cold, rain and snow going around... But I do feel like Spring looks, which I'm afraid I will never wear because Spring will never come and I'm desperate for colour, light fabrics and open shoes!!


So... I know it's not Spring yet and I know we are all freezing, but I would like to share with you what I've been dreaming about lately...

Elisabeth & James, the second brand of the fantastic Olsen sister duo. I respect these girls, they are true fashion visionaries and they keep setting trends and proving their rightful place in the fashion industry. I love their style and I'm completely enthralled by this collection. I would wear it all, everyday! It's chic, effortless  easy and comfortable, designed for the contemporary woman.

Mary-Kate and Ashley, I salute you!

Some of my favourite looks...



Images from Style.com




  1. LOVE the Olsen sisters!!!! love black& white models =)