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Friday, February 15, 2013 Papillon 0 Comments Category :

So, I got a confession to make... don't get too excited, it's nothing dirty! Here it is: lazy! I'm really lazy sometimes! Lazy in cleaning the house, lazy in tidying my closet, but sadly, sometimes, I'm lazy when it comes to the big important things of my life.

Great opportunities don't came by often, we all know this! Sometimes, I'm lazy in taking one of these opportunities and when I get around to take it, it's gone. Puff! Just like that! It's really sad to look at my past and find certain moments when I really screwed everything up. I was lazy and my laziness had bigger consequences than I had expected... 

I'm writing about this because I've been thinking about resolutions. My new year's resolutions were focused exactly on this matter: Do it now, go for it, don't be LAZY! So far, so good I must say :) I'm taking control of my life, trying to find my way, but not letting anything for tomorrow because really, will there be a tomorrow? I'm not being dark, just real. And we should face this and acknowledge it, because that's step one in making things happen!

How much more time are you going to waste day dreaming about your perfect life? How much more time are you going to throw away because you are too lazy or too afraid to go out there and make things happen? 

Fear was another one of my clutches. It's easy, easy to say you're afraid and it's even easier to just cave in to that fear and let it control your life. If this is your case... STOP IT NOW! It's high time you start believing in yourself! You know, fear is natural, a normal consequence of our past experiences. And fear can be good for you, it can make you think twice, for one. But most of the times it just holds you back. And we need to step forward, we all need to move ahead and stop freezing when it comes to our lives.

Do you know how long I've been writing? Do you know how afraid I was to put myself out there and see what happened? Too long! And although I do believe there's a right time for everything, maybe, just maybe, I could have created this blog sooner. I just hate the "ifs" you start creating in your life. "What if I had done that, what if I had said what I really felt.." you know? I'm sick of all these suppositions, I'm sick of thinking "what if". This year is the year of "I will!". 

I will go for it and take control of my life, I will live up to my dreams and try to accomplish them, I will live, not survive, I will do it, I will pursue my happiness! And you should do it too and I hope this inspires you to do so!

Think about it, ok?