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Questioning the Questions...

Monday, February 18, 2013 Papillon 0 Comments Category :

My mind has been full of strange questions lately... Some maybe more important than others ahah! But all of them relevant or funny enough to be filling my mind.

Here they are...

- If Donald Duck doesn't wear pants on the street, why does he wrap a towel around himself after a shower?

- If a couple loves each other dearly, but one wants to live in India and the other in Paris, what should they do?

- Do aliens exist? Isn't this universe too big for just one race?

- The lightning that struck Saint Peter's Basilica really freaked me out. Does this mean there's really a God out there?

- If so, does it mean the Devil also exists?

- Is it wrong to chose Angelina Jolie over Brad Pitt for an imaginary kiss?

-Is it ok that I'm beyond excited with the very small prospect of maybe, just maybe, be in the same room as Miroslava Duma?

-Can I describe my iPhone as one of my best friends without getting weird looks?

- Can I be a weekly vegetarian and forget about it, moderately, during the weekend?

-Do super heroes exist? I kinda think so... Is my imagination getting out of hand?

- Is it ok if I really want to go somewhere and help people live better while wearing Louboutin shoes?

- If I go on a yoga retreat, do I have to get a pedicure?

- Can people become unicorns? If we ask for it really, really hard?

- Am I too old to go to a Rihanna's concert?

So here they are boys and girls! I never said they were intelligent questions, just things that go through my busy mind and kind of get stuck there...

Oh well! I hope you got a good laugh out of it! ;)

Have a great Monday (it that's even possible!!)