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Playground of Live

Wednesday, February 20, 2013 Papillon 0 Comments Category :

Yesterday I wrote an expression on my post about feeling like shit (sorry for all the s words, but I was in a shitty mood) that stuck with me the rest of the day: playground of live. It ran through my mind, bouncing in corners and fetching other ideas, and suddenly I was enthralled: the playground of life... It has a ring to it, doesn't it?

I guess we are eternal toddlers in life, stumbling forever in new challenges that we've never faced before which, in turn, pose questions we've never had to answer. Much like childhood, we keep learning everyday from new situations and our curiosity, in many cases, is what still keeps us moving forward.

There are, of course, many differences, but I would like to highlight one that I feel doesn't stay with us as we progress in this playground of life: peace! 

When you're a child you take what you have as all you need to be happy. This contentment of not knowing what it's out there, of not wanting more than you have, is responsible, in many ways, for peace of mind. Ambition and wanting more, two traits I believe to be fundamental in any adult, are also responsible for out inquietude through life... we are forever unsatisfied, we always want more and figuring out how to get there steals any peace of mind we can achieve through other techniques (meditation, yoga, exercise, orgasms and so on).

And yet we remain little children, still running to out parents when life isn't exactly as expected, still crying when life hits you hard and still amazed by life, humanity and this world.

Every time I'm with my younger brother (he's 7 years old going 40) I try to take some of his innocence with me when I leave. Life is so much easier... and mostly, I envy the wonder in his eyes. Like the first time I took him to the Ocean├írio, he was a joy to watch! Little things, common things for you and me are a thrill to him and that keeps me grounded. Other days, I can help but be amazed at how similar we are in certain things and how I can still mimic some of these feelings in my so called adulthood.

So, my dear readers, we reach the end of my reverie and no conclusion, or at least not a definite one. But I guess we are not beings who should be compartmentalized or labeled (History has proven that!) and so I will rest with this: 

We are children within, but with a life baggage that makes it hard to hold on to the good and mostly highlights the bad in being a child. Children trapped in adult bodies with adult responsibilities, I say.

xx from the 7 year old within me!