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Life of a PR girl

Friday, February 08, 2013 Papillon 0 Comments Category :

Most people have a misconception about my job. It's easy to imagine that the life of a PR girl, specially in fashion, it's all about parties, cocktails, sending emails on your blackberry and attend fashion shows. Well, let me stop you right there! That's just a tiny part of my life! I can describe to you the three fundamental pillars of my life as a PR girl:

  • Be a punching bag
  • Feed egos
  • Swallow one's pride
And that's it boys and girls!

Let me explain each point.

Everyone yells at you when they're angry, mad or having a bad day, From clients to editors and journalists, everyone wants something and they want it now. And if you don't cater to them, you get yelled at. A lot. And you know what? We cannot, at all, reply back in the same tone. Oh no! We have to smile and be polite and understand and put everyone's needs above your own. Because we serve as a buffer between client and press, who cannot yell at each other, so they yell at us. We exist to serve all these people and they are high maintenance and very demanding. And they yell... did I mention that?

Fashion, as many other businesses, is filled with big, huge, gigantic egos. I mean, E-G-O-S. The kind that needs two seats on a plane! And what do we do? We feed them, constantly. Because our main value as PR girls and boys in this industry is our network and to have a strong network you need to feed some egos. I guess we all need our egos to be fed, I need it too, but there's no one on my professional circle who is constantly doing it for me. 

Our pride seats at the door of our glamorous offices. Sometimes we have to hear things and see things and experience things that defy our pride to step in and react. But you can't. You have to smile and be polite. And understand and swallow your pride and try not to get affected by certain things. This industry can be really harsh on you and it's not always easy to separate "you" from "your job" and remind yourself that most things are not personal. There are days I get home beaten, really down, and I need to repeat to myself that I do love my job and that whatever happened is not really because of me.

Please don't misunderstand me... First of all, I'm completely aware there are lives much harder than mine and that in every area there are misconceptions. This is just me sharing. Second of all, I love my job and there are amazing  things involved that I would like to highlight.

You get to meet wonderful people. From clients, to editors and journalist, to all kinds of suppliers, you are constantly meeting new people and along the way you make really good friends. It's one of my favorite things about working in PR... getting to know so many different people. And also people you admire (sometimes is a disappointment, sometimes is a wonderful surprise!). 

As a PR girl I had the chance to participate in extraordinary events and help them come to life. I have great memories and great stories. I love to be on the backstage, help put everything together and organize an amazing event that will make people talk for years. I love that, being a part of something special. And in my line of work I get the opportunity often, not as often as I would like, but I guess that would't make the moments all that special.

Girls, can we take a moment and smile at the two following words: sample sales! Yes, one of the perks, one that my closet fully appreciates. ;)

I guess all of us have things we like and dislike about our jobs. For me, the main thing is doing it with passion, because otherwise it's not worth it. There are many days I have to remind myself that I do love my job, because there are days that are just brutal. But there are also the other ones. The days I get home smiling proudly, often exhausted, but happy because I was part of an amazing moment and was in part responsible for it.

At the end of the day you want to look back and remember these moments, the ones that make for fond memories and funny stories at dinner parties, don't you agree?