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Welcome to the Gypset lifestyle

Wednesday, March 27, 2013 Papillon 0 Comments Category : , , ,

I was first introduced to the concept of "Gypset" by one of the many amazing people I meet through my job. One of the creative forces behind the label Christophe Sauvat, Filipa de Abreu, presented this lifestyle to me to explain what was the inspiration behind the brand and its collections. Christophe and his family are true Gypsetters and the brand just exudes this aesthetic. You can check their website here (it's worth it!!!!)

Here's one definition:

Gypset (Gypsy + jet set)

 - n. an unconventional, bohemian approach to life.
 - adj. characterized by a fashionable exoticism and down-to-earth ease.

I was immediately  in love with this chic, easy-breezy lifestyle where people mix high and low and are as comfortable at the Ritz as they are in an ashram in India. Moreover, when I saw the images of these Gypsetters I was more than intrigued... I wanted to be one of them!

Here are some of my favorite images from two books published about this fantastic lifestyle:

Gypset Style and Gypset Travel both by Julia Chaplin, published by Assouline.

It's romantic, bohemian and carefree. A perfect mix of the hippie days and modern age.
Maybe when I grow up I can join them... who knows?!

Some of my favorite Christophe Sauvat looks for Spring-Summer 2013. The day I'll become a Gypsetter, will be the day I will wear nothing more that CS!!