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Change... It's a good thing!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013 Papillon 0 Comments Category :

For better or for worst, the truth is a change in your life makes you rethink it. If it's a BIG change, more so. And that's a good thing! It is a fact that human beings tend to like their routines and most of us fear change. It's comfortable to know what you can expect, that's a given, but a life without surprises would be ultimately boring, don't you agree? Of course change can come in many shapes and forms and be good or bad, great or catastrophic. But we should embrace it and see it as an opportunity. Because change is necessary and if it happens it's because your life needs it and something will happen, sooner or later, which will show you the reason for that change.

I'm in this process right now and I choose to embrace this big change in my life. I will take this opportunity to "reinvent" myself and rethink my life. I mean, why not? A lot will change in my life so I rather take the reins and take control, than let it happen and go with the flow. I'm the hero in this story, you know? I will take this change and make it my own, make it the beginning of something great and use the lessons in my past to cement the future.

This is the time for some introspection... Time to settle in my new life, to find my way and move on. Change is good, we just have to go for it! In sadness we can find strength, and if there's something we need during a change is strength! Positive thinking helps too and I am, fiercely, enforcing it in myself!

Send good thoughts my way, ok?