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Men... why do we need them!?

Friday, March 15, 2013 Papillon 0 Comments Category :

I am not one of those bitter women who after a break up start hating men. No! I do like men, in fact I love a man, so there's no anger or bad feelings in my heart.

At the same time, I like to think I'm a strong, independent woman who can take anything and do everything! I do like to think I don't need a man's help in my life. Sadly, life has been proving me wrong...

Men are needed, ladies! They can carry big weights, they can dabble in electrics, they can hang paintings and stuff, you know... Even if you don't have a man in your life, it's a safe blanket to know that you can always pay one to help you!

But, even the ones you want to pay can disappoint you and leave you hanging and thinking "Fuck! I really need a man right now!!". I hate myself for even writing this sentence, I'm a feminist in my core you know? Even though, I'm also realistic and so I know we need them and I can live with that!

Yesterday at Ikea I had a serious wake up call! Lifting boxes and a new mattress made me almost cry! More so when one male assistant goes by after I've done all the hard work and tells me "Why didn't you ask for help?". I replied "It is self service right?" That was kind of stupid of me, but I was angry with myself, with the world, with the stupid self service section at Ikea and mostly I was angry with men in general.

After this little moment of rage, I went back to my most zen self and continue my night and today with no anger within me. Until I received a lousy text message from my handy man cancelling the job for tomorrow!!! Tomorrow!!! And he tells me, no! he texts me, at 6 pm, to tell me he can't make it?!? Stupid Men!!!! 

Breath in.... breathe out... stay calm and don't let this ruin your afternoon. There's no problems, only solutions. 

And, of course, it was a woman who gave me the solution (another handy man who was more than willing to come to my house on a Sunday and do everything and anything I wanted - my faith in men is restored once again).

All said and done, I continue to love men (at least one!), even though I wished I really didn't need them for these things... I know I could try to do them myself, I know I could paint a wall, install some things or whatever if I really wanted to. But I guess although I'm the hero in this story, sometimes I also need a rescue or at least a friendly male hand...

It's going to be a loooooong weekend of new furniture, new washing machines, new colors on my walls and a brand new start. But it's worth it and I welcome all the men in my life who are here to help me!

Thank you guys!!! :)