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Busy Days...

Thursday, March 07, 2013 Papillon 0 Comments Category :

Today is one of those days... one when I have to remind myself constantly "I love my job, I love my job, I love my job." I'm kinda tired you guys...9 pm and still at the office, not bad, except once again I failed my yoga class :( Yoga helps me keep my balance! In my busy life and busier mind, I really need that hour when I can shut down the rest of the world and all the noise in my head. For that one hour I'm with myself and peace of mind normally follows. But instead I have this, my blog and you, a quiet place to vent all my frustrations ahaha! and a nice break from all the reports I still have to check! Argh!

In the middle of all this busyness of mine, there's this song which has been playing non stop in my head: Florence + The Machine, Only If for a Night.

If you could do something, just for one night, no consequences, what would you do? Rob a bank? ahah! Trow your inhibitions away and do something really crazy? What would you do...?

Me? Well, since you've asked ;) Well, I would... I would... Shit! I don't know!! One night suddenly seems very limited... I would need a week, maybe! 

Well, it's clear I'm not thinking right (these lousy lines took me one hour to write in between reports!!)... so maybe I should eat something, go home and go on with my night with a mindless zapping session. 

Anyway, I leave you with this kinda pointless post and the questions of the day: 
What would you do? 
Feel free to share! ;)

Lots of love from my tired self!