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Seriously... I'm fine!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 Papillon 1 Comments Category : ,

Going through a break up in a healthy and mature way seems to be so improbable that most of my friends seem to be waiting for me to fall apart at any moment. 

The questions "Are you ok? But are you really ok?" have been haunting me lately and I just want to say at the top of my lungs that I'm fine, seriously fine! Am I sad? Well, yes. But each day is a new day and things get easier and better. The fact is, I've already had the "bad break up phase" before and so, now, I'm just getting used to my new life and my new routines. 

I think the most difficult thing was really the latter: getting a new routine. But once you settle with a new schedule, things just start to move forward. 

So, honestly, please don't worry, because I'm really fine. More than fine, I'm certain of our decision and comfortable with my new life. I'm in this glorious new  process of finding myself and redefining my beliefs... It's scary, but also exciting. And although my feet do miss him every night in bed :), I'm slowly learning how to take this feeling and use it to move ahead and not backwards.

I love you all for caring so much and for all your worried phone calls and texts, but be sure that I'm really a Catwoman and I always land on my feet (even if I have to lay down on a corner and cry for a bit!). 

I love you and I thank you my dear friends :)

And for all of you out there going through something similar, breathe in and out... It will get easier!
I promise!