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Bringing the Sexy back...

Wednesday, March 06, 2013 Papillon 0 Comments Category : ,

Since we are in a sexy mood today, why not talk about it a little more?

The question that has been screaming in my head is basically - What does it mean to be sexy?
Is it a state of mind, something physical or perhaps just the result of a bottle of wine....? Or is it just about confidence?..

When a woman feels comfortable in her own skin, when she's confident and sure of herself she can easily be sexy... right? But on the other hand, what is sexy for me may not be for you, so there's really no guiding line here, is there?
So I'm back with confidence, the key word as it seems...

I feel I'm in my most sexy self when I'm in a sensual lingerie, sky high heels and a bottle of wine (my confidence is highly boosted by alcohol!!). But I'm the first to admit that Kate Moss wearing a pair of jeans and a tank top is much sexier that I am in full regalia, so what do I know, really? 

I guess I'm not an example because I do not see myself as a sexy woman, and there's really nothing wrong with that. What?! Do you think the men in my life were attracted to my sexiness? pleeeease! My brain sealed the deal, for sure! (ahaha, just kidding!). ;)

But the truth is, the first time a man told me I had sex appeal I was baffled... What could he mean? Me? Sexy?
With time I've learned that sexy is mostly a state of mind . I would love to say that I have mastered this, but unfortunately wine remains my one and only answer (how sad...). I wish I was one of those women who feel so in tune with themselves that they exude sex appeal. In the end, the full lips, green eyes and great boobs are not really what makes you sexy (it helps, I'm sure!) because if you don't feel it, others won't feel it too and at the end of the day you will be a green eyed girl with big boobs. 

My mother has a friend who is a bit of an eccentric. She's 60 years old, very, very blond, always wearing tons of jewelry and fur coats. She looks like a movie start from afar, but up close she's a normal woman who shines profusely. But she believes she's the best, the sexiest woman alive, and because of it, everyone else believes it too. I'm always surprised by this powers, the power of belief. She feels great, she feels sexy and she acts like it, and so we just follow her lead and even though our eyes may tell us she's not all that, our mind will follow her! Amazing...

So girls and women of the world, it's time to bring the Sexy back! 

Which means, it's time to believe in yourself, it's time to look at the mirror, face yourself, and embrace the flaws only you can see. It's time to be confident and believe in yourself. Yes, you! You are a gorgeous and intelligent woman. You and only you have the power to make others believe in it, so:

Step one: believe it! 
Step two: believe it just a little bit more!
Step three: say it to yourself! 
Step four: find whatever helps you sell it and SELL IT! 

Sexy is the new black people!!