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The winter belly syndrome

Tuesday, February 04, 2014 Papillon 0 Comments Category : ,

Oh yes! The winter belly, that awful monster that creeps out when the cold hits, is definitely taking its toll on me this year. Gone with the salads, the fruit and the healthy snacks that are such favorites of mine during Spring and Summer, in with heavier meals, chocolates and warm snacks to help me feel comforted. Although I'm pretty sure almost all women in the world suffer from this syndrome, this year I feel I am the only one living it and suffering from it! I do try, seriously!, to cut back and eat soups, which are also warm and comforting. But pizza is such a good idea when it's raining outside, and pasta, well it's just the perfect meal for a cold day.

I swear to you that I promise myself everyday that I will put an end to this, because not only do I have a winter belly, I also have winter legs!!! HELP! The weird thing is, it seems I have no real incentive to lose this extra weight... cozy sweaters keep the belly undercover and black makes everything thinner, right? So with no beach-bikini days ahead of me, I just keep thinking "Oh well... let it be! Soon enough I will have to continue the perpetuous diet all women live in". In the meantime, I just avoid mirrors ahah! 

But why is that? Why am I not reason enough to close my mouth and stop eating cheese-filled goodies? Why am I not the motive, above all others, to start looking for healthier alternatives to winter food and just resist!!! "C'mon girl, you can resist temptation, right?" Well, dear brain, no! Apparently I can't! Even my favorite leather skirt is tight enough to make me not breathe, and not even THAT is an incentive. It seems that I need outside incentives (read: exposing my body to total strangers will give me all the strenght I need to lose these extra wintery kilos). This is kinda of sad... isn't it? On the one hand, I cannot accept this winter belly (and legs!!!) and just reconcile myself with it, just for a few months. And on the other hand, I don't seem to have enough will to just loose the dam belly (and legs!!) and stop whining about it!

Yeah... you're right! Now I'm just whining to all of you instead! 

Well boys and girls, I guess this is my queue to leave and focus my energy on other things, like finding healthy winter recipes ;)

Have a lovely day!

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