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I used to have a blog...

Thursday, January 30, 2014 Papillon 0 Comments Category : , ,

Now it just seems like a faint memory of a space where I wrote all my thoughts, shared my views and feelings and did inspiring image posts. God! Why oh why is this happening? I hate not having time, and mind!, for my blog; I hate not having time for anything!

This is how my friends know I'm busy, you know? If my online self (read: facebook, instagram, pinterest, tumblr and blog) are quiet, it means I am in one of those vortexes when there's really no time to... well, nothing! I don't even know what I do the whole day!!! You know that feeling?

I hope to be back soon, my mind is bursting from not letting anything out for so long and plus, I am reading an awesome book (for this I always have time due to my daily train ride), I've seen wonderful movies lately (that's what I do before falling asleep at my couch to wake up all mangled at 5 am) and I've bough amazing things on sales (c'mon, a girl always finds time to shop!!).

So here's to finding the time for the important things!

Be back soon!