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What am I reading...

Friday, May 17, 2013 Papillon 1 Comments Category : , ,

One of my dear, dear friends is basically obsessed with this book. After hearing so much about it, quotes included, I decided it was high time I read it.

So far, so wonderful! 
It's such a moving "coming of age" book... it's endearing and sad, but happy at the same time, just like the hero of this story.

Reading it on the train has been a challenge, as I have been shedding a few tears with Charlie (the hero). But it's worth it, any book that can make me cry, it's worth it.

As a bonus, I discovered The Smiths and this song, which is key to the story :)

I highly recommend this book... and I will make sure my future teenage kids will read it, because I'm sure it will mean that much more!