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It's LONDON baby!

Tuesday, May 05, 2015 Papillon 0 Comments Category : , ,

A three day weekend, some shopping and a LOT of walking!!! Seriously, I'm still recovering! 

I've visited London before, I think 2 or 3 times, but this time it was very different as I was able to go to new places and deepen my exploration of this charming city. By the hands of my very organised boyfriend, I spent these three days getting better acquainted with the city. From the coolness and street art madness of Brick Lane (more on that later) with its food street fairs and vintage stores; to the historical bridge and the river side walk that led us through the Shakespeare's theatre to the Tate; to the enthusiastic noise, restaurants and bars of Soho; with a quick and delicious stop at Chinatown for the best duck I've ever eating (!!); and finally, ending this marathon at Camden Town, with its quirky store façades, market and canals. It was a lot! But it was all worth it!!

The reason we planned this trip was the Savage Beauty exhibition, a retrospective of the work of my favourite designer of all times, Alexander McQueen. When the show opened in NY I was unable to travel and was hoping and waiting for the show to go to London, which was inevitable. It was a very moving experience for me... I think McQueen was the first contemporary designer who really made me dream about fashion. His shows were so beyond what you would normally see! His creations made me sight with awe and wonder at the genius of this men and as I walked through the show, and saw some of my favourite looks, I could still remember what I first felt when I saw them the first time... Funny thing, it didn't change much: Wonderment beyond words.

The World will never forget his amazing talent and this show encapsulates exactly that - his heritage will live on and continue to inspire. 
(Sorry for the bad quality pictures, but I had to be very discreet)

On another note, I didn't do a lot of shopping this time, just a few carefully chosen items. I took some photos, but not many, I was busy taking it all in ;) 
The only place I did photographed like a mad woman (and regretted every second not taking my camera, Nicky) was Brick Lane a.k.a. Street Art Meca. 

So here's a few snapshots of my weekend in London and what I purchased. Tomorrow I will show you the street art photos.

Hope you like it!


 The Shopping...