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High Heels vs. Flats - a coversation within my mind

Monday, May 11, 2015 Papillon 0 Comments Category : ,

Me: Cute outfit! You look really great! Which shoes are you wearing?

Me: I was thinking of the black lace flats, what do you think?

Me: Hum... That could work, although the nude suede pumps would look great with the jeans, no?

Me: Yeah, I know, but the heels are so high and I have the walk to the train and the subway... And there's the five flights of stairs at work!

Me: Don't be lazy! You know your legs look so much better in heels!

Me: I'm not being lazy!! It's a question of comfort. Plus, I look great in flats as well! I think I'll go with the white and gold nikes... you know... normcore and all!

Me: Ahhhh! You're the worst! You have amazing high heels shoes and you are practically living in those adidas, which I love by the way, but girl...c'mon!!!

Me: Don't be so hard on me! I have meetings outside the office today, so the sneakers will be perfect to walk around town.

Me: Totally professional too!

Me: Now you are just being mean! 

Me: I'm Sorry... You're right! Wear the sneakers, they look perfect!! By the way, you look really thin today!

PS: Daily discussions and conversations between myself and myself where comfort normally wins.

Picture by Tommy Ton