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The Bucket Bag

Monday, March 23, 2015 Papillon 0 Comments Category : , , ,

Oh the bucket bag! The bag that has been filling my instagram feed and pinterest since last winter making me salivate for one of my own. Even though I was pretty much sold on this bag the first time I laid my eyes on it, I have been a careful shopper in recent times. As I grew older I began to value quality over cool and durability and transeasonality over trends. And so I find myself with a new set of rules, most of them I picked up in several of the millions of articles available on the world wide web about smart shopping, to guide me through the fog that fashion and consumerism can be.

These are the questions I ask myself nowadays before a purchase:

  • If I can, I usually like to wait a week after seeing something I like. If after seven days I'm still thinking about the item in question, than I'm more inclined to buy it since the impulsive aspect is out of the equation.
  • If I didn't have instagram, would I still want to buy it? This, my friends, has been a lesson for me. I think we don't even know how much the hundreds of street style photos and inspiration images we see every day, several times a day, influence our so called taste!
  • If it didn't have a famous label, would I still want it? The old question of wanting to have a designer item more than the item itself.
  • And finally, can I imagine three outfits with this item?
A little set of questions which have helped me contain my impulse buying, well at least most of the times! I still buy things because they are damn pretty cool or just pretty , but for the majority of my latest purchases I have been able to abide by these little rules.

So let's go back to the bucket bag. I saw it last week and was instantly a happy girl! "Yes, finally THE bucket bag!" I thought to myself. But, even though I have been longing for it for so many months, I decided to wait. A week goes by and I'm still thinking about it. More than that, I find myself wanting to wear it most of the following days. Score for the bucket bag! As for instagram, well it is true my love for this bag has been fed by my instagram feed, but what is truer is that I would want to buy it anyway if I just stumble on it in a store. This particular bucket bag doesn't have a designer label, so no problem there and as for the outfits, well... Hundreds of thousands come to mind because this bucket bag is the perfect mix between cool, relaxed and sophisticated, making it the It bag in my book.

And just to prove my point, here are four pairings between my new lovely bag and some of my shoes (poor quality photos included), showing just how versatile it is and just how right I was for buying it!

So, here's to a happy shopper, ME!, making a very wise purchase while still contributing to my awesome style (ahah!)