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A NEW day and a NEW The Whole World and Me

Tuesday, July 01, 2014 Papillon 0 Comments Category : ,

My first post was published on January 29th 2013. Along this ride of almost a year and a half and 267 posts I've changed a little...

For the last couple of months, it has been difficult for me to write, even to publish a post with images and inspirations. Truth be told, it was mainly a question of time, but now that I have more free time on my hands, I would sit and try to write and nothing came to my mind. First I thought it was a question of inspiration, so I started my own little routine again of daily visits to my favorite blogs and tumblrs, of discovering new artists and exciting cool projects... Yet, nothing happen. I would sit in front of my pc watching that little bar blink while feeling utterly incompetent. Even though this blog is not my job, it is a labor of love as I've said many times before, not being able to write one little post made me very sad and disappointed... what had happened? The questions "Did I really loose all inspiration?" began to haunt me and I was beginning to feel I had to press the delete button and discover a new labor of love. Until this morning...

My mind only starts working during my morning shower. Until then I am a robot-type human being who does what it does every morning: workout, coffee, shower. While in the shower, I start to plan my day, compile my to-do list and decide what to wear. And often, during the shower, I have great ideas (do not ask me why!) which leads me to start conversations at the office with "I was in the shower and..."  (already an inside joke among my colleagues). 

And so, this morning, a lamp bulb literally appeared over my head and I started thinking that maybe I should change the template of my blog!! Ding, ding, ding! It made sense! The fact is, I wasn't feeling connected with my old template, the lettering, the background image... I've changed and so I felt I needed to change my blog as well and reconnect with it.

So far, so amazing. I LOVE it! It feels much more me (the "now me" at least, let's see what happens in one year), much more clean and organized.

So, here's to a new day and a renovated blog! And new inspiration, I hope!

The Whole World and Me has always been my oyster and I hope that this new look will inspire me to continue to write and share my thoughts, inspirations and everything else that populates my life with you.

Hope you like it!