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Yeah! I'm 30!

Thursday, July 10, 2014 Papillon 0 Comments Category : , ,

My last post was a few days ago, but I have the best excuse ever: it was my birthday! As the gipsy I am at heart, I celebrated for four days, taking two days off work (what an indulgence!) and trying to enjoy every single second.

People tend to have very different reactions when it comes to important birthdays. Most of the people I know suffer from birthday blues... I used to be one of those people, feeling all sorry for myself because I was one year older.
30 is definitely one of those dates. The number seems kinda scary because, in essence, it represents real adulthood (at least that's how I saw it). As I grew up, I tended to imagine myself with different ages, setting up semi-goals as I wondered where would I be. These views kept changing over the years, of course, as I progressed through life and learned things usually go a different direction from what we had planned, especially when it comes to our life path. Even though, I had certain "ideas" and what I can say now is that I am starting this decade on track (regarding the "ideas" I have set last year, of course).

Turning 29 was the difficult one for me. My life was upside down and I was feeling lost within myself. I guess it makes sense, as I feel your 20's are really the decade of inner search, when you discover and define yourself and who you want to be. I would say 30's are the decade to feel comfortable in our own skin and to enjoy life with a new certainty: who we are and what we want. Albeit this is not as easy as it sounds, I am optimistic. I think my 30's will be amazing :) As a good friend of mine told me, this is the time when we, especially women, feel more confident, sexier and have more money. Can't argue with this wonder trio, it is all true ;) 

It is also true that today's 30's aren't what they used to be for my mother, for example. Times have changed and society's expectations, some societies at least, have changed with it. In the leading up to my birthday, the topic du jour was exactly this: how everyone I know who is 30 doesn't feel like they are, in fact, 30. This feeling comes from the fact that a part of us still holds the "old" idea of 30. Although we feel comfortable in our own skin, a part of us still feels we should be married, with two kids, starting a retiring fund. But the truth is, most of us are in very different places, with very different goals. And there's nothing wrong with that! 

All and all, I'm happy in my 30's. So far, so amazing! Life is great, there's a clear path and direction leading me where I want to go, I have great company joining me in this amazing adventure we call life and I just can't wait for what this decade will bring me. My 20's were a crazy ride, full of learning experiences, ups and downs and all possible detours from that "idea" I had in mind. 

20's, you were awesome, but I am more than ready to start my 30's!