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Talk about being busy!

Monday, July 15, 2013 Papillon 0 Comments Category : ,

Story of my life or at least for the last couple of months!...

In between this busy time I have been trying hard to make my own dreams come true, but (there's always a but!!) the road that leads to dreams turned into reality is arduous. Alas, that's the way it has to be, otherwise how would you know if what you are trying to achieve is exactly what you want? 

Although I know this is a hard process, it is, nevertheless, hard to take some of the disappointment that's inherent to it. Some days I feel life would be easier if we just don't dream. If we don't dream, we don't expect and if we don't expect we keep our feet on the ground, and if we keep our feet on the ground we don't fall so hard. Yes, this is all true and maybe I would be a happier person, at least immediately, if I'd choose this path. But I'm a dreamer at heart, so what can I do except dream and dare to dream big? 

So once again, and continuing with the theme of my life this year, I'm caught in between, trying to find my path, trying to make my dreams come true. And there's really no plan B, either I make it or I won't, so I have no choice but to try, and try again and try harder until I make it!

I hope you are out there too, trying to make your dreams come true and I just hope you find your way :)