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To do List - Vacation Edition

Friday, August 01, 2014 Papillon 0 Comments Category : , ,

No, I'm not on holidays yet. Yes, I'm desperately counting the days. Sadly, still one more week to go...
I'm so ready to shut down that I basically keep daydreaming about everything I want to do when I can finally turn my Out of The office on. Normally, as I've already told you here, I do to-do-lists when I'm in the shower. Lately, it's been all about what I want to do on holidays.

Here it is:

Take naps

Finally read the book about photography I bought in NY and practice!!!

Drink wine (well, I guess that's always on my To do Lists, but anyway...)

Take naps (yes, again!)

Go for morning runs (I know, I know... I'll try at least!)

Beach, beach, beach and beach

Eat well

Enjoy my boyfriend :)

Read the pile of fashion magazines I have at home.

Forget the existence of emails!

Retrieve every valuable information on how to rest from my too crowded brain and apply it!

Enjoy your holidays if that's the case! If not, well hang in there... we're almost there!