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Style Crush - Garance Doré

Tuesday, August 05, 2014 Papillon 0 Comments Category : , , ,

She doesn't need an introduction, because Garance is well known for her blog, illustrations, photography, videos and fantastic humour. Oh... yes, she is also "married" to Scott Schuman, but that's really not that relevant.:p

I've been following Garance since I lived in Paris. For me, she is The original fashion blogger and my personal favorite. I love how complete her blog is and I really admire how she has evolved and how she has adapted, throughout the years, to the blogger and fashion industry. But, most of all, I really love her style!

Garance's style is French in many ways. I recognize all the traits that I used to love (and covet) when I would sit at some cafe and peoplewatch. From the red lip to the masculine/feminine silhouette, Garance represents what I love most about French style... the nonchalance, that je ne sais quoi that is so effortless for the French ladies (sometimes I really hate them)! 

Just so you know, a French woman, well a Parisian woman to be fair, does not leave her house without, at least, a red lip, and this is valid even for a quick trip to the supermarket. Those women are super careful with their appearance and don't be fooled... it isn't as effortless as it seems, because even a dishevelled hair requires some science. And this is another reason why I admire Garance so much... she doesn't bullshit us. She's honest about her style, her fashion choices and everything in between and it's precisely that honesty, colored by that great humour, that makes her so very different from everyone else in the fashion blogosphere. Plus, she's been a huge inspiration for me, from the coat worn as a cape to the grey-denim combo, I owe a lot to Miss Doré!

So, here's to Garance, her fantastic style, how happy we all are now that she has short hair (you are as glad as I am, right?) and just to the fact that she is AMAZING!

Here are some of my favorite looks...

All images from Tumblr.