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A Work of Fiction

Tuesday, February 05, 2013 Papillon 4 Comments Category :

In the form of a Short Story (be kind, pleaseeeeee)

Chapter I

The phone rang insistently on the empty cottage; its sound echoing in the wood panelled walls and ceiling. Lawrence was oblivious to the sound, his ears full of water from the first shower he took in days. He stood still under the water enjoying the freshness and peace. As he stepped out of the old bathtub he heard his own voice on the boring and mechanical message he had recorded on his answering machine. He fetched the towel without even wondering who could be calling so late at night at his lake house. And then he heard her voice; her low, sexy, deep voice. His brain was immediately flooded with images from his past making him deaf, blind and motionless. Her long, wavy, dark hair falling on her small freckled shoulders; her cat green eyes curiously looking at him; the sound she made every time they've made love… “Marina” his mind whispered on his ear. He stood there, dripping all over the bathroom floor, the towel still in his hand, his short red hair soaked. “Marina” was all he could hear, taste and see. With just one word, one simple word she was back, haunting him, mummifying him in that second. “Marina…”

Six months had passed since he had last heard that voice: that voice that could always drive him crazy with emotions; that could take him from the highest pleasure to the deepest anger in a split second. He had secluded himself in his lake house to escape this power, this ghost that made him feel small and weak. He was so deeply and completely in love with her that he couldn't bring himself to fight the urge to walk by her house, stand on the corner of the street and just look at her window, hoping to see her once again. He had run, powerless and cowardly, because he wasn’t man enough to stand up to his own feelings. He was a prisoner of this mad love and all he could do was run away as fast and as far as possible. The lake house was a safe heaven, even though they had spent so many hours together under its old ceiling. All those weekend’s escapades when they would spontaneously fled the city to spend two days immersed on one another and the nature surrounding them. There was no one else in the entire World; it was just him and Marina. “Marina” his brain whispered again.

Stay tuned for the next chapter...